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school2life's customized, interactive workshops, seminars and classes provide vital yet seldom taught information so people can jumpstart their job search and begin to lead fiscally responsible, fulfilling and independent lives.

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Participants acquire a concrete mix of skills, tools and knowledge to manage their careers, as well as their finances, with confidence and success.


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We’re a career success agency focused on preparing people for the “real world.” Just as professional agencies help brands find their voice, we help students communicate theirs. Our agency educates and prepares students of today by teaching the practical and relevant communication skills necessary to have the professional conversations they’ll need to generate opportunities and take on life’s pivots.

Our Mission is to provide students with platforms to communicate their unique successes, strengths and distinctions with sophistication, relevance and confidence—the trifecta of skills necessary to thrive in education and industry.

Career GPS: Customized Private & Group Guided Professional Services

Become a competitive candidate in your professional pursuits by communicating your experiences, achievements and capabilities with relevance, sophistication, and confidence… the trifecta of skills necessary to generate growth opportunities and manage career pivots.



The school2life™ curriculum covers a wide range of topics that are all critical for succeeding in the job search process, on the job, and in becoming financially independent. Our approach is customized to support our clients’ unique experiences, skill sets and financial situations.

Are you effectively marketing yourself? Can you confidently communicate why you are the best person for the job? See how well you answer some of the most commonly asked interview questions, and get ready for your upcoming interview.

You’ve worked hard to get here. Now make your accomplishments work for you. Put your grades, talents, experiences, awards and accolades on display using our sophisticated visual showcase, and easily present your Gallery to admissions specialists, career professionals, hiring managers and more!

Don't just get a job. Get a life™

school2life™ helps students and recent graduates make a smart and successful transition from campus life to real life.

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Platform help students leverage for advancement.

Highland Park Native Susan Newman’s unique school2life Gallery creates a marketing tool through storytelling for students and job seekers