school2life Approach

Socialize Education

When did you first learn how to answer the question “tell me about
yourself,” or how to interview? Write a college essay? Make a resume? Market yourself?

Most of us had to learn these skills on the fly as we faced barriers to enter into academia and industry. We shouldn’t let the next generation face the same challenge. As educators and administrators, our paramount goal is to prepare students to succeed and succeed early. That means developing what we call gateway skills.


We take an organic approach to teaching the professional language skills necessary to make meaningful connections and thrive in the work place. Our programs have helped thousands of students confidently launch their careers and take on life’s pivots.

school2life Services

s2l Gallery

Practical digital platform socializing education by recognizing and sharing student accomplishments achieved in and out of the classroom with peers, parents and professionals. We’re dedicated to teaching the gateway skills necessary to get into college and get a job.


The Would U Hire U Interview Quiz allows students to practice answering questions about themselves in an interview setting. Developed with input from the HR departments of global leaders such as Sony, Nike and Leo Burnett.


Guided Professional Services offers individual or group sessions that prepare attendees for the real world with guidance on personal branding, networking and more.


Our education via conversation approach brings the skills and learnings of s2l Gallery to the classroom through detailed workshops and personalized instruction.

We nurture the whole student

We know students are so much more than test grades, essays and GPAs. They’re the sum of all their experiences in and out of the classroom and the future of our communities.

That’s why we take a holistic approach to helping students and professionals to prepare for the road ahead, no matter where it leads.

How it works - Students


school2life benefits students at all levels of their educational careers by engaging with them on their terms through personalized learning platforms and student success initiatives. Our programs are especially designed for students who likely have not had exposure to the gateway skills required to enter higher education and industry.

How school2life helps students

  • Helps students increase their self-confidence.
  • Builds competitive presentation and interview skills.
  • Offers opportunities for “real-world” job prep. 
  • Teaches sophisticated communication and professional etiquette.
  • Develops necessary, yet seldom taught, professional tactics and strategies.
  • Encourages practicing relevant self-assessment skills.
  • Empowers students to take the accountability necessary to grow and succeed.

How it works - Educators


Young students and entry-level professionals often experience the world fleetingly. It’s our job to help them contextualize their achievements and socialize their experiences. Our students deserve to benefit from all our knowledge.

school2life serves as an introduction to elements of the resume, cover letter, C.V., college application essay and other self-reflective exercises—without requiring direct guidance from educators.

How school2life helps educators

  • Promotes communication with parents, mentors, teachers,
    counselors and community.
  • Highlights student success.
  • Accessibility to strategic partnerships and funding.
  • Enhances and socializes existing programs.